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Greetings from the Patient and Public Involvement Team

Welcome to the Summer 2016 issue of 'Checking the Pulse', City and Hackney CCG's Patient and Public Involvement Newsletter. Although August tends to be the calmer part of our annual commissioning cycle, a lot has happened in City and Hackney during the past few months.

We have been talking to local patients and residents about the future of the health and social care services in City and Hackney. Community discussions took place across the patch during May and June, culminating at a public event titled 'City and Hackney Go Local: Community Conversation' on Tuesday 22 June. More than 150 people attended this event, which was facilitated by Healthwatch Hackney. Findings from the discussions will inform the next stages of the planning for City and Hackney Five Year Plan and Hackney's devolution pilot.

Over the next five years, a lot more emphasis is likely to be based on looking at how organisations can better work together to deliver services that work for the patients, services that help people stay healthy, and services that enable those who are ill, to be looked after closer to home. We are working together with London Borough of Hackney, City of London Corporation, local hospitals and GP practices, community and voluntary sector groups and, most importantly, local residents and patients to define how to best make this happen in City and Hackney. If you would like to find out more about the future of health and social care services in City and Hackney and how the Hackney devolution pilot might give us more say over how we do things, please click here.

At the CCG, our Patient and Public Involvement Committee have been busy - as usual - ensuring that a strong patient and service user voice informs all CCG decisions. In May, June and July the committee has discussed the quality and safety of local maternity services, better co-ordination of patient information and promoting shared decision making between clinicians and patients. At the same time, the steering group for our community-based engagement forum, NHS Community Voice, has continued to deliver monthly open meetings on a number of issues, including 'IT and Health Services', 'GP services in City and Hackney', and 'Health and Homelessness'.

Last but not least, we are extremely pleased to announce a new addition to the CCG’s Patient and Public Involvement Team. Dr Anita Coutinho, a local GP at Lower Clapton Practice, joins us from August onward as a second Clinical Lead for the team, bringing with her a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm. Anita’s speciality within the team will be around making sure that patients have access to easy to understand information about the care and treatment they receive.

She said:

"It is an honour to join the Patient Participation Involvement team. From the start of my career in medicine and at the CCG I appreciate that patient involvement is crucial to the success of our health service. In particular, I will be reviewing patient involvement in clinical pathways. These services, pathways and clinics need to be designed by patients and member of public in order to help them, and it is our job to make sure that patients are involved. Patients need to be at the centre of all our decisions and every voice should be listened to. It is important for us as a team to make sure patients of all ages, backgrounds, and hard to reach groups are heard. Thank you for this opportunity and I look forward to both working with and for patients."

Best Wishes,

Patient and Public Involvement Team

City and Hackney CCG



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